Is it a Life?

baby in teardrop sack Millions of women have thought that their unborn babies were just a blob of tissue… unformed at the time of their abortions.

Some claim no regrets, while others face immediate emotional, spiritual, and/or physical issues. Some women who’ve experienced abortion are shocked & remorseful when they later understand the remarkable development and abilities of their unborn babies.

Many women wish they had been shown how developed their babies were… they wish they’d have been able to see fetal models, or have had an ultrasound before making the decision!

Here is a basic timeline of life before birth:

Day 1

  • The second your egg is fertilized by a sperm, it contains the plans for every detail of the baby’s development, including sex, hair and eye color, and height.

Week 3

  • The brain, spinal chord, and nervous system develop. The heart begins to beat.

Week 4

  • The backbone and muscles are forming.

Week 5

  • Arms with hands and fingers, legs with feet and toes, and eyes can be seen.

Week 6-8

  • Brain waves can be detected.

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