You are a very important part of the pregnancy decision!

How You Can Help

She just told you that she thinks she might be pregnant. You may be dealing with a range of emotions like you don’t want to, or need to, deal with this decision. That’s why we’re here. She needs you but you may not know what to do. We often hear men say they told their significant other, “I’ll support whatever you decide” thinking that’s what she wants to hear, but you may actually be communicating something completely different to her.

What To Expect

When you visit the Grace House Pregnancy Center, you will feel welcomed. We want you to know that we’re glad you’re there to support your significant other. You will never feel judged or unwelcome when you visit any one of our centers. Our goal is provide you with all the answers we can regarding unexpected pregnancy and your role.

Come In And Find Out

If she’s really pregnant

How pregnant is she

What YOU should do

What about abortion or adoption

What are YOUR legal rights & responsibilities

Find out how much you really matter  to her and this decision

How much can having a baby cost?

What else you should do & other resources

How much can abortion or adoption cost

Helpful parenting & fatherhood info

And much more…

We're Here To Help

We care about what you’re going through & thinking about. We have male volunteers here to listen, answer your questions, & talk with you. You can come in alone or with your girlfriend/wife.

Still Have Questions?